A Self Guided Tour
For Designing
Your Next Career

Have you ever asked yourself…

"What Should I Be When I Grow Up?”


Now you can discover what your

life's work really should be!


Patricia Drain has developed the unique methods of

the Purposeful Questionnaire and the Funnel Formula.

It’s a simple process which takes you step-by-step

through a series of detailed questions that lead you to understand your TRUE PASSIONS and provide insight and Purposeful Direction for years to come.


Some people don’t ever figure out their real passions and how to determine what type of work is the best fit for their life. With the guidance of this highly effective process, you can realize the work most suited to your needs and desires – and most of all, you can be happy doing it.


Do you have plans for the years ahead? What is it you

REALLY want to do in your 40s, 50s, 60s and up?


Read on to learn how easy it is to create

a productive and happy path for the years ahead.


If you want to learn the simple methods of how to choose your life's work, then you can uncover the ingredients to know and understand yourself, your needs and unique patterns to live a productive, self-reliant and happy life. You will discover how easy it is to find the core of your unique self and take action to achieve what you want in your life and work. This might be the most valuable letter you've read in a long time.


Here's why:


Years ago in school, we weren’t taught methods of determining how to choose a career or a path in life. We basically made those decisions based on our likes and dislikes -- and had no real basis for making our life and career decisions. Now, you can work through the process of the Purposeful Questionnaire and the Funnel Formula. With this valuable process, you can change your life for the better and create a more rewarding years ahead. Simply download and utilize this powerful process of the Purposeful Questionnaire and the Funnel Formula. No one tells you what you should be when you grow up – YOU determine for yourself what you are best suited for and learn the ingredients that keep you engaged in the things you love. And you will discover for yourself how to direct your unique qualifications, skills, desires and lifestyle to achieve your goals and happiness. Many people never understand what it is they are looking for in life and this is your big opportunity to follow the guided questions and determine what it is that really motivates and excites you. We all know that life and work is so much easier and when we are happy – and when we do the things we love. So take the first step to be what you want in the next chapter of life. You’ll be glad you did.


It’s understandable that you might have questions and that's normal


Here are some good reasons

and author qualifications for you

to have confidence in the product


Reason one: As the author of several renowned books, “What Should I Be When I Grow Up?”,  “Hire Me! Secrets of Job Interviewing”,  “7 Secrets For Building a Business That Has Value” and three children’s books on Self-esteem.

Patricia Noel Drain has worked in the recruiting and staffing industry for over 20 years. She owned her own staffing agency and has developed the Purposeful Questionnaire and the Funnel Formula as a result of years of research and development. These products were created to answer questions many people have asked through the years: “What Should I Be When I Grow Up?”


Reason two: Patricia is a Certified Personnel Consultant, author, professional speaker and business owner who is distinguished in her field. She holds a number of distinguished awards such as: recipient of the National Association of Personnel Services “Hall of Fame” Award; “Most Innovative Business Practice” Award by Working Woman magazine; “100 Most Influential People in Arizona” by The Phoenix Business Journal, and others.


Benefits abound for the use of the

Purposeful Questionnaire

and Funnel Formula


  • A step-by-step process to determine the important ingredients that direct you to the life and work of your dreams

  • The opportunity to design the life of your choice – by discovering what you want in your life’s work

  • The Purposeful Questionnaire and Funnel Formula lead you to recognize the valuable skills and talents you have and how you can use them to achieve your happiness in the years ahead

  • You are directed through a simple process to uncover your true direction

  • Easily set new goals for the next part of your life

  • Determine for yourself the job types that fit your desires, choice and skills

  • New opportunities arise from your new goals

  • Design your own lifestyle and live it

  • Take charge of your life and create your desired outcomes

  • Aging can be fun

  • Enjoy a fulfilling life with the results of the Purposeful Questionnaire and Funnel Formula


So how does all this work?


Here’s how...


Baby boomers are faced with new decisions as they reach their 40s, 50s, 60s and up. These years can be as positive and productive as you choose. Patricia Drain developed the Purposeful Questionnaire and Funnel Formula from a need she recognized while working with people experiencing job transition. The special need is to assist the baby boomers to discover how to work in their field of choice and to be productive and happy in the years to come. The development of the Purposeful Questionnaire and Funnel Formula is a huge breakthrough! For those who had no idea what to do with their skills in the later years of life -- it creates such a powerful tool of discovery. The focus of this procedure is to list the key ingredients of skills, education, and other qualifying factors to decide the best types of jobs that fit your skills and lifestyle. It’s an amazing and easy formula to use and to follow. You’ll be impressed with the ease and effectiveness of the process. The idea is to complete the process and then TAKE ACTION and go for what it is you want in life. This product helps you to do just that. Go out and create the life you want


Good reasons to use this product

  1. A system created for YOU to use on your own – easy to navigate

  2. It was developed with YOU, the baby boomer in mind – your specific needs

  3. Only YOU can determine the outcome of this process and how successful you make it

  4. You are asked specific questions which provide the key ingredients for working through the process

  5. Each outcome is unique – based on your own life, lifestyle and dreams

  6. Developed by an expert in the job placement field with years of research

  7. The results and success is all up to YOU – what you put into it is what you get out of it


You get your money's worth –

and many times it’s value!


If you were to engage in personal consultation with an expert in the field of job placement -- you would pay approximately $150 - $500 per hour for an evaluation and consultation. And here you have the expert, Patricia Drain who has done the work and developed this self-guided process for a fraction of the private consultation fee. This product is yours for only $29.97. That’s very little when you consider it an investment in your future.


In summary, here's what you get


The Purposeful Questionnaire

and Funnel Formula

developed by Patricia Noel Drain


You get an in-depth, 62 page workbook that leads you through the process and development of your very own unique outcomes.

And it’s all based on your answers and specific lifestyle distinctions which guide you to determine the most compatible

career and lifestyle for YOU.


It’s a complete package that can enhance your future

--  just imagine how good life can be.

If you respond right away – Special price   $19.97


It’s a small investment toward your future –

so make the decision and order today.


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