1. Are you happy on the job?

  • Yes, I'm happy on the job most of the time

  • Sometimes

  • I'm miserable most of the time.

2. Do you get along with your co-workers??

  • Yes, my co-workers are great. We almost always get along.

  • I can put up with my co-workers.

  • No, I don't like most of my co-workers.

3. Do you like your business environment?

  • Yes, I have a very good business environment.

  • My business environment is manageable.

  • No, my business environment is not good at all.

4. Are you pleased with your salary?

  • Yes, I believe my salary is very fair for what I do.

  • My salary is okay, but I wouldn't mind a little more money.

  • No, I should make more money.

5. How do you feel about your commute to work?

  • My commute to work is ideal for me.

  • My commute to work isn't bad, but I wouldn't mind something a little better.

  • I don't like my commute at all.

Score =

Reading your score

90 - 100%

 Congratulations you are in your dream job.


Consider adding one or 2 things that would make it even more enjoyable but basically you are in the right career for you.

Under 75%

It might be time to find out what you are passionate about doing and discover your life's work by reading WHAT SHOULD I BE WHEN I GROW UP.

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