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Patricia Noel Drain owned and operated  Recruiting and Staffing Firms in Phoenix, Arizona for over 20 years.


While interviewing thousands of people  she continually  heard a very familiar question... What should I be when I grow up?


Each person thought they were being unique asking such a silly question at their age.  Patricia however, instinctively knew exactly the right questions to ask that helped individuals discover their patterns, passions, and natural abilities.


The challenge became… how she could put on paper what she knew instinctively so she could help so many more people find their life work.


The Purposeful Questionnaire and Funnel Formula were born out of that challenge.   Her focus was on the baby boomer market since that seemed to be the age group asking the question  and also the group that were reaching a point in their life where they realized they wanted to do something they enjoyed instead of something just for the money.


WHAT SHOULD I BE WHEN I GROW UP NOW THAT I’M 40,50,60?  Is not just a book, it is a tangible tool to help anyone, at any age discover the “ingredients” needed to enrich their lives.



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